Medical Lab Technician A Very Fast And Lucrative Career In Ontario

With the aging population, there is a growing demand for medical laboratory technicians in all aspects of healthcare. Pharma-Medical Science College’s Diploma Program in Medical Laboratory [...]

Community Service Worker A Pathway To Public Service Jobs

In Canada, Community Service Worker spans across a wide range of activities within the community and the society as a whole. Community service workers are an essential and integral part of strong [...]

Home Based Child Care Certificate Program

– interested to open up a business from the convenience of home. Parents who intend to take help from care providers for their own children. take this course. Pharma-Medical Science College [...]

Vascular Ultrasound Career! A Highly Demanding Career!

The word vascular refers to the circulatory system of the body— the blood vessels which carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the body’s organs (by the arteries) and from the organs back [...]

Breast Ultrasound Technologist Career

Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada is pleased to offer you, FREE OPEN CLASS, for Breast Ultrasound Exam Preparation. A breast ultrasound uses sound waves in order to create a picture of the [...]

Ultrasound Technologist Co-Op Placement

Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada (PSCC) is a reputed North-American institution and we have been offering Ultrasound Exam Preparation Training Programs (ARDMS Licensing) for all the [...]


Confused about your Career research? 1. Do you know that health care and medical-related industry has the highest job opportunity in Canada RIGHT NOW? 2. What is the opportunity for you to enter [...]

New Ultrasound Machines For Students Practice

The practice is important for a student who wants to be an ultrasound sonographer. Our college bought two ultrasound machines. one is from GE and another is from Phillips. They are the most [...]


Pharma-Medical Science College (PSCC) is proudly providing comprehensive Canadian Ultrasound ARDMS protocol-based training for all international medical graduates! If you DO NOT have ARDMS [...]

Career As A Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonographer

The Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography program at Pharma-Medical Science College provides access to state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology in ultrasound technology to make the [...]

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