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Pharma-Medical Science College (PSCC) is proudly providing comprehensive Canadian Ultrasound ARDMS protocol-based training for all international medical graduates!

If you DO NOT have ARDMS license we will provide you with the full-training to prepare you for the ARDMS License Exam.

If you are licensed with ARDMS, but have poor scanning skills, or have no knowledge of Canadian protocols, still we are here to help you to get the hands-on training on protocols.


PSCC has developed training tools and designed comprehensive practical training using the latest new machines which help individuals not only by improving subject knowledge but also ensures that they are job-ready once they are licensed. We have recently bought new, latest machines which are being used in the imaging and diagnostic centers currently. We want our students not to just become licensed sonographers but also to have excellent scanning skills. Under that light, all the students who are registered for training have unlimited access to use our scanning machine to build and improve their scanning skills.

What we are offering: 
1. Normal anatomy, presented in static and real-time video clips will be shown.
2. The teacher will give extensive hands-on-training, and also will teach you scanning skills according to the Canadian Protocols.
3. We illustrate a broad spectrum of pathological conditions of the musculoskeletal system that are commonly diagnosed with sonography.
4. All ARDMS exam Preparation Materials will be provided from the school.
5. Unlimited scanning hours using our two latest, ultrasound-machine which are currently being used in the industry.
6. Flexible payment plans, in installments. (Most affordable tuition fee in Canada)

Website: http://pharmamedical.ca/en/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pharmamedical.ca
LinkedIn: https://ca.linkedin.com/pub/pharma-medical-science-college-of-canada/21/866/b21

Call us at 416-821-4876 or at 416-916-8786 for more details.

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