Pharmaceutical Quality Control Lab


Pharma-Medical College has eight modern Laboratories to help students to get some hands-on experience. Our students will not only study the theory but also learn the hands-on skills in our laboratories. The purpose to set up the laboratory is based on the real job requirements. When our students graduate from our college, they have the skills to conduct all job duties without any long-time onsite training (which is preferred by many pharmaceutical and medical related employers).  

Pharmaceutical/Food Analysis Laboratory 

Pharmaceutical and food laboratory in our college has the latest and modern instruments, such as HPLC, GC, UV, IR, Dissolution, KF/Auto-Titrator, TLC, Analytical Balance, PH-meter and etc. Students can use the laboratory equipment to finish the entire laboratory testing that students will conduct at a real company.

At the same time, our experienced teachers have set up more than 20 laboratories testing SOPs, so students can easily follow the SOP to finish any testing. In addition, we have all related reference books for students reviewing, such as USP 30, 32 and 34.

And due to the new techniques being introduced every year, we are constantly updating our lab with the newest computer software to operate the different equipment in our labs.