Quality Control Laboratory Hands-On-Experience

  • This course is designed to provide Hands-On Experience to the aspirant candidates who want to update their analytical skills according to the North American Pharmaceutical Industry.

    The students will learn the theory, principle and practices of drug analysis, analytical methodology, the most important chemical, physical techniques and instrumentation. 

    You will practice main pharmaceutical analytical instruments such as HPLC, GC, Dissolution apparatus, Karlfischer Titrator, pH-meter, viscometer, balance, TLC and pipette etc. The students will understand and perform the Assay, Limit, Purity, Content Uniformity, Dissolution, Identification, Related Substances test, Stability Study and number of other widely used analytical tests following USP.

    You will be trained for different sections in the pharmaceutical laboratory testing:

    • SOP Training.

    • GMP Training.

    • Raw Material Testing.

    • Finished Product Testing.

    • In-Process Testing.

    • Compendial Test Methods.

    • Modification of Test Methods.

    • Validation of Test Methods.

    • Development of Test Methods.