The Use of Naturals in Skin Product Development

  • This class will describe a few key aspects related to natural beauty products development, the limitations and opportunities and newly suggested testing methods via gene expression. A special focus will be provided on traditional Aromatherapy.

  • This course will deliver the following contents:

    1. Natural Facial toner 
    2. Natural Facial mousse 
    3. Natural Facial lotion
    4. NaturaFacial serum 
    5. NaturaFeminine mousse wash and spray 
    6. NaturaLip oil
    7. NaturaBody Massage Oil 
    8. Natural eye oil 
    9. Natural eye cream 
    10. Natural Hand cream
    11. Natural body scrub / facial scrub
    12. Natural Neck message oil
    13. Natural Facial cream- heat processing
    14. Natural Facial cream-cold processing
    15. Natural Facial  cleansing sopa
    16. Natural Message emulsion cake
    17. Natural Loose Powder
    18. Natural Eye shadow power
    19. Natural Aromatherapy 101
    20. Essential oils  practice