Early Childcare Assistant

  • Early childcare assistants (ECA) plan and arrange activities for preschool and school-age children. They lead children in activities to encourage and develop their academic, physical and mental/psychological growth.

    Our unique diploma program specially focuses on: health and safety, children’s infancy, toddler and preschool development, interactive and two-way communications, child mental development and guidance, developing educational theories, designing age-reflective curriculum, and program management while working with families where needed. The diploma also ensures them to earn the First Aid and CPR certifications. At the end of the class room session, students will be doing a practicum session of 320 hours which will be arranged and scheduled by the school. Students will gain practical experience in our practicum under the guidance of qualified and experienced early childhood educators, This will take a step ahead for ensuring that the students are well-equipped with the knowledge required for practicing the profession in real work-settings. 

    New class starts on March 16, 2020, for registration or any questions, please call us at  416 821 4876 / 647 996 5876.

  • 36 weeks (850 hours) instructor-led full time training with placement.

  • Applicant must have Grade 12 level or a university degree or a college diploma and demonstrated competency in English.
  • After students finish in class training, students will have an opportunity to have a minimum 8 weeks of full time placement in day care centre.

  • In Ontario, employment prospects are expected to be on the rising pattern for early childhood assistants (ECA), a relatively large occupation grouping with a good future outlook all over in Canada. Employment in the occupation has been growing progressively over the last few years. These professionals are fairly young, with an average age group between 25-45 years. After completion of the diploma program, early childcare assistants can easily work in child-care centres, kindergartens and nursery schools, agencies for exceptional children, and other environments where early childhood education services are provided, or they even may be self-employed at their own pace licensed as home-based childcare facility.
    • child-care worker assistant in schools/day care centers,
    • child-care worker in day care/schools
    • day-care helper/supervisor,
    • early childhood educator in education agencies
    • early childhood program staff assistant
    • early childhood supervisor
    • preschool helper/ supervisor
    • preschool teacher
  • Early Childcare Assistant (4214), this is an occupation under Skills Matrix B in the NOC code
  • As a Early Childcare Assistant (ECA), the main duties include the followings: 
    • Conduct and monitor activity programs designed for young children
    • Lead children in activities by telling stories, teaching songs and preparing craft materials
    • Prepare and serve snacks
    • Arrange rooms and furniture for lunch and rest periods
    • Assist with proper eating, dressing and toilet habits
    • Submit written observations on children to supervisor
    • Attend staff meetings to discuss progress and problems of children
    • Assist supervisor in keeping records
    • Maintain day-care equipment and assist in housekeeping duties.