Pharmacy Assistant

  • Our Pharmacy Assistant program is designed to train students to work in community drug stores and hospital drug stores. This diploma program covers a broad range of subjects. The students will learn Pharmacy Assistant practices, basic pharmacology and drug and medical terminologies. They will also explore pharmacy computer systems, hospital and community pharmacy practices and procedures, drug dosage calculations, and compounding labs.

    After covering the classes, students will co-op in a community drug store.

    New class starts on April 27, 2020, for registration or any questions, please call us at  416 821 4876 / 647 996 5876.

  • 34 weeks Instructor-led full-time training.
    Total hours: 900 hours.

  • Applicant must have a University degree/Science College diploma. They must also possess a demonstrated competency in English.

  • After students finish in-class training, students will have an opportunity to complete a minimum 6 weeks of full-time placement in a clinical facility. Locations such as Costco Pharmacy, Shopper Drug Mart Pharmacy, Rx Pharmacy, and Target Pharmacy etc. 

  • • Community drug store;
    • Hospital drug store; 
    • Nursing homes;

  • • Pharmacy Assistant
  • Pharmacy Assistant(3414), this is an occupation under Skills Matrix B in the NOC code.

  • • Preparing medication for dispensing; 
    • Compounding pharmaceuticals;
    • Preparing aseptic products;
    • Inventory control;
    • Purchasing; merchandising;
    • Record keeping as required under such acts as the Food and Drugs Act;
    • Narcotics control;
    • Drug distribution;;
    • Pre-packing pharmaceuticals;
    • Computer processing

  • • Read authentic prescription 
    • Entering, filling, cashing out prescription with ease 
    • Handling pharmacy work flow 
    • Communicate with other health care providers 
    • Demonstrated excellent customer service skills 
    • Maintenance of pharmacy stock through inventory control systems 

  • You can view the program video by clicking here.

    Pharma-Medical Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography program video