Food Safety & Quality

Food Safety and Quality Diploma

  • This program will provide students with knowledge of food regulations, CFIA and USDA, GMP, SOP, GLP, HACCP, quality assurance in food manufacturing, food packaging & labeling, nutritional analysis for moisture, protein, fat, ash, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral etc. It also covers various food processing technology, food plant sanitation, food chemistry, food analysis, food microbiology, and food development. 

    Quality assurance in food manufacturing will prepare our students for understanding quality management system, principles of product complaint, total quality control management, control of raw materials, process and finished products; sampling, evaluation of sensory properties and other factors. At the end of the course, students will be able to manage quality related issues as well as various regulatory requirements.
    HACCP course teaches the principles related to HACCP that is widely used and endorsed internationally by industry and consumer groups. Our HACCP auditor leads with an understanding of the ASQ HACCP Auditor for preparing, performing, reporting, and following up audit results. After completing this course, the student can create HACCP plan for industry and can take the examination of certified HACCP auditor (American Society for Quality). 

    Our students practice in our college analytical laboratory to get hands-on skills of general methods of wheat, flour and bread analysis, fruit and vegetable, vitamins, meat and milk analysis etc. After this hands-on training, our students have the ability to work in a food quality control laboratory in industry.

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  • 40 weeks (810 hours) instructor-led full time training.
  • Applicants must have Grade 12 level education or a university degree. They can also be approved if they have a college diploma from a science program and demonstrated competency in English.

  • Food processing is a huge industry. It affects every person and related to many areas. Opportunity in this industry is abundant. This program covers the whole procedure of food processing. After students finish this program, they work in many positions in any of these industries:

    • Food products industry
    • Federal and provincial governments
    • Pharmaceutical companies (industry)
    • Cosmetic industry
    • Chemical products industry
    • Medical and research laboratories
    • Environmental laboratories
    • Quality Control Technician – food processing
    • Food Products Inspector
    • Product Tester – food and beverage processing
    • HACCP Coordinator
    • Public Health Inspector
    • Quality Assurance Technologist
    • Quality Assurance Specialist
    • Quality Control Technician - food processing
    • Quality Control Technologist - food processing
    • Plant Sanitation
    • Food Package Design
    • Formulation Technician
    • Food Assembly Supervisor
    • Food Service Supervisor
    • Food Service Supervisor - hospital
    • ........
  • Diploma is issued after completion of the program.
  • Quality Control Technician – food processing (2211), this is an occupation under Skills Matrix B in the NOC code.
    • Perform testing for all incoming raw materials/finished goods
    • Maintain a well-organized laboratory environment
    • Issue, update and file QA paper work including COA's, product specifications, product ingredient listings, nutritional information
    • Review and maintain regulations of Canadian Food Inspection Agency
    • Maintain and update HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) program
    • Provide training of Good Manufacturing Practice for Food Production employees
    • Create written quality control standards for all products (Standard Operating Procedures) including establishing regular testing parameters on raw materials through finished goods
    • Facilitate and monitor Non-Conformance Requests
    • Conduct internal GMP audits, process audits as required
    • Verify process procedures to ensure compliance of finished product and raw materials to established specifications