Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology


  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing becomes more and more complex and the regulation become more and more strict. It becomes so important to study manufacturing technology before to work in pharmaceutical manufacture company as a technician.
    This program will discuss cGMP and 21 CFR Regulations in details.  Students will learn a variety of topics related to Manufacturing of pharmaceutical dosage forms including tablets, capsules, pellets, suspensions, ointments and creams according to conventional manufacturing processes. The program offers working knowledge and practical operation of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, monitoring process flows, performing tests and recording data. Students will learn and understand the process trains from the time raw materials enter the warehouse including Dispensing through to Manufacturing (Granulation, Compression, Coating, and Encapsulation, including Troubleshooting), Packaging and Documentation until it leaves the warehouse as a finished product.
  • 43 weeks (950 hours) instructor-led full time training
  • Applicant must have Grade 12 level or a university degree or a Science college diploma and demonstrated competency in English.
  • After students are finished with this program they will apply for positions such as Pharmaceutical Production Technologist, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technician, or Pharmaceutical Compounder in any of these industries:
    •    Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology industry
    •    Cosmetic industry
    •    Food processing industry
    •    Chemical products industry
    •    Natural health product and Nutraceutical industry
    •    Pharmaceutical Production Technologist
    •    Blender Operator
    •    Equipment Operator 
    •    Process technologist, etc.