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Natural Health Product of Canada

1. 4 EVER FIT, Kelowna, BC Web: www.4everfit.com
2. A & A Pharmachem Inc., Ottawa, ON Web: www.aapharmachem.com
3. A & E Fine Foods, Queensville, ON Web: www.aefinefoods.com
4. A.D.S. Enterprises, Mirabel, St. Janvier, QC Web:
5. Abundance Marketing, Stoney Creek, ON Web: www.abundancehealth.com
6. Acadian Seaplants Limited, Dartmouth, NS Web: www.acadianseaplants.com
7. Activation Laboratories Ltd., Ancaster, ON Web: www.actlabsint.com
8. Active Pharma Inc., Surrey, BC Web: www.activepharma.net
9. AFMNet, Guelph, ON Web: www.afmnet.ca
10. Agricultural Food & Nutritional, Edmonton, AB Web:
11. AIDP Inc., Intl Web: www.aidp.com
12. Albi Naturals, Surrey, BC Web: www.albinaturals.com
13. Aliments Massawippi Inc., North Hatley, QC Web: www.alimentsmassawippi.com
14. Alive Publishing Group Inc., Richmond, BC Web: www.alive.com
15. All Naturals Cosmetics Inc., Toronto, ON Web: www.allnaturalscosmetics.ca
16. Alliance Principle Ingredients, Surrey, BC Web: www.allianceingredients.com
17. Allicin Canada, Beamsville, ON Web:
18. ALOECORP, Intl Web: www.aloecorp.com
19. Alpha Health Products Ltd., Burnaby, BC Web: www.alphahealth.ca
20. Alta Natural Herbs&Supplement, Richmond, BC Web: www.alta-natural.com
21. Alypsis Inc., Peterborough, ON Web: www.alypsis.com
22. Amano Foods Limited, Richmond, BC Web:
23. American Nutrition Inc., Hamilton, ON Web: www.ani.ca
24. Annie’s Natural Foods, Richmond, BC Web:
25. Anthony Beauty & Barber Supply Inc., North Vancouver, BC Web: www.carinaorganics.com
26. AOR Incorporated, Calgary, AB Web: www.aor.ca
27. Ardefen Inc., Halifax, NS Web: www.ardefen.com
28. Aria Orange, Calgary, AB Web: www.ariaorange.com
29. Aroma Borealis Herb Shop, Whitehorse, YT Web: www.aromaborealis.com
30. Aroma Crystal Therapy, Salt Spring Island, BC Web: www.aromacrystal.com
31. Aromatik Supplements Inc., Varennes, QC Web: www.aromatik.ca
32. Ascenta Health Limited, Dartmouth, NS Web: www.ascentahealth.com33. Ashbury Biologicals Inc., Toronto, ON Web: www.ashburybio.com
34. Asian Herbs & Nutritionals, Port Coquitlam, BC Web: www.asianherbs.ca
35. Associated Labels, Coquitlam, BC Web: www.associated-labels.com
36. Atrium Biotechnologies, Quebec, QC Web: www.atrium-bio.com
37. Aurium Pharma Inc., Concord, ON Web: www.aurium.ca
38. Axel Kraft International, Aurora, ON Web: www.axelkraft.com
39. Bali’Sun Inc., Laval, QC Web: www.balisuncoco.com
40. Banner Pharmacaps (Canada) Ltd., Olds, AB Web: www.banpharm.com
41. Baralex Inc., Kirkland, QC Web: www.baralex.com
42. Bayer Consumer Care, Etobicoke, ON Web: www.consumercare.bayer.com
43. BCIT, Burnaby, BC Web: www.bcit.ca/appliedresearch
44. Bebbington Industries, Dartmouth, NS Web: www.bebbingtonindustries.com
45. Béland Organic Foods Ltd., Vancouver, BC Web: www.belandorganicfoods.com
46. Bell Lifestyle Products Inc., Mississauga, ON Web: www.belllifestyleproducts.com
47. Ben’s Health Enterprise Inc., Courtenay, BC Web: www.benshealth.com
48. Bereskin & Parr Toronto, Toronto, ON Web: www.bereskinparr.com
49. BFL Ontario Inc., Toronto, ON Web: www.bflcanada.ca
50. Bill Beauty & Health Product Ltd., Scarborough, ON Web: www.billbeauty.com
51. Bio Lonreco Inc., Dorval, QC Web: www.dr-reckeweg.ca
52. Bio+Sources, Concord, ON Web: www.bio-sources.com
53. Bio-K+® International Inc., Laval, QC Web: www.biokplus.com
54. BioAdvantex Pharma Inc., Mississauga, ON Web: www.bioadvantex.com
55. BioCalth Ent. Int’l (Canada) Co., Richmond, BC Web: www.biocalth.com
56. Biodroga Inc., Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC Web: www.biodrogacanada.com
57. BioEnvelop Technologies, St-Hyacinthe, QC Web: www.bioenvelop.com
58. Bioetik Inc. (Equibar), Rouyn-Noranda, QC Web: www.bioetik.ca
59. BIOFORCE Canada Inc., Dollard, QC Web: www.bioforce.ca
60. BioNeutra Inc., Edmonton, AB Web: www.bioneutra.ca
61. BioPak Limited, Edmonton, AB Web: www.biopak.com
62. BioQuest Imports International Inc., W. Vancouver, BC Web: www.greenalive.com
63. Biosa Canada Inc., Niagara Falls, ON Web: www.vitabiosa.ca
64. Biosential Inc., Toronto, ON Web: www.zenbev.com
65. Biotechnologies Explorer Canada, St-Laurent, QC Web: www.bio-explorer.com
66. BioVectra dcl, Charlottetown, PE Web: www.biovectra.com
67. BIOVERA, Vancouver, BC Web: www.bioveraskincare.com
68. Bioxem Inc., Ste-Julie, QC Web: www.agrumax.com
69. Blue California, Intl Web: www.bluecal-ingredients.com
70. Body Plus, Toronto, ON Web: www.bodyplus.ca
71. Bodycare Innovations, Newmarket, ON Web: www.trilliumhealthcare.com
72. Boiron Canada Inc., Longueuil, QC Web: www.boiron.com
73. Bona Dea Ltd., Waterloo, ON Web: www.bona-dea.com
74. Botaniex, Inc., Intl Web: www.botaniex.com
75. Bowen Island Botanicals Ltd., North Vancouver, BC Web: www.bowenislandbotanicals.com
76. Bremner Foods Ltd., Delta, BC Web: www.bremnerfoods.com
77. Brencar, South Surrey, BC Web: www.bulkfoodbins.com
78. Brenntag Canada Inc., Langley, BC Web: www.brenntag.ca
79. BRI Biopharmaceutical Research, Vancouver, BC Web: www.bripharm.com
80. Bulk Pharmaceuticals Inc., Scarborough, ON Web: www.bulkpharma.ca
81. Burcon NutraScience, Vancouver, BC Web: www.burcon.ca
82. Burt’s Bees Canada, Toronto, ON Web: www.burtsbees.ca
83. C.t.W. Enterprises Inc., Thornhill, ON Web: www.naturalcalm.ca
84. CadCan Marketing & Sales Inc., Calgary, AB Web: www.cheecha.ca
85. Canada Colors & Chemicals Ltd., Don Mills, ON Web: www.canadacolors.com
86. Canadian Analytical Laboratories, Scarborough, ON Web: www.callaboratories.com87. Canadian Kelp Resources, Ltd., Bamfield, BC Web: www.canadiankelp.com
88. Canadian Organic Growers Inc., Ottawa, ON Web: www.cog.ca
89. Canadian Organic Maple Co. Ltd., Bath, NB Web: www.canadianorganicmaple.com
90. Canadian Phytopharmaceuticals, Richmond, BC Web: www.canphyto.com
91. CanPrev Natural Health Products, Toronto, ON Web: www.canprev.ca
92. CanReg Inc., Dundas, ON Web: www.canreginc.com
93. CANTEST Ltd., Burnaby, BC Web: www.cantest.com
94. Capsol Inc., Edmonton, AB Web: www.capsol.ca
95. Capsugel, Intl Web: www.capsugel.com
96. Capwork Nutrition Ltd., Richmond, BC Web: www.capwork.com
97. Cardinal Nutrition, Intl Web: www.cardinalnutrition.com
98. Carolwood Corporation Inc., Oakville, ON Web: www.carolwoodmsm.com
99. Castleguard Health Services Limited, Paris, ON Web: www.castleguardhealth.com
100. CCL Label, Toronto, ON Web: www.ccllabel.com
101. Ceapro Inc., Edmonton, AB Web: www.ceapro.com
102. Celex Laboratories Inc., Richmond, BC Web: www.celexlaboratories.com
103. Cevena Bioproducts Inc., Edmonton, AB Web:
104. Ceylon Organics Ltd., Mississauga, ON Web: www.ceylonorganics.com
105. Chatham Biotec Ltd., Riverview, NB Web: www.chathambiotec.com
106. Cheeky Bee Candle Company, Warkworth, ON Web: www.cheekybee.com
107. Chemroy Canada Inc., Brampton, ON Web: www.chemroy.ca
108. Chr. Hansen Ltd., Barrie, ON Web: www.chr-hansen.com
109. Citadelle, Plessisville, QC Web: www.shadymaple.ca
110. CK Nutritional Ingredients, Concord, ON Web: www.ckfoods.com
111. Clearwater Soap Works, Clearwater, BC Web: www.clearwatersoapworks.com
112. CN Nutrition, Sherbrooke, QC Web: www.cnnutrition.com
113. Cocoa Camino, Ottawa, ON Web:
114. Cognis Canada Corp., Mississauga, ON Web: www.cognis.com
115. Columbia Packaging, Coquitlam, BC Web: www.columbiapackaging.com
116. Consumer Connections, Milton, ON Web:
117. Cool Hemp Company, Killaloe, ON Web: www.coolhemp.com
118. Cosmetica Laboratories Inc., Toronto, ON Web: www.cosmeticalabs.com
119. Cosmitty Canada, Lévis, QC Web: www.cosmitty.com
120. Country Connections Inc., St. Andrews, MB Web: www.musclemist.ca
121. Creative Nutrition Canada Corp., Parry Sound, ON Web:
122. Crofters Food Ltd., Parry Sound, ON Web: www.croftersorganic.com
123. CV Technologies Inc., Edmonton, AB Web: www.cvtechnologies.com
124. Damafro Inc., St. Damase, QC Web: www.damafro.ca
125. Deerland Enzymes, Intl Web: www.deerland-enzymes.com
126. Delano Health Products, Montreal, QC Web: www.delano.net
127. Dermolab Pharma Ltée, Sainte-Julie, QC Web: www.dermolabpharma.com
128. Distripharm Inc., St. Bruno, QC Web: www.distripharm.ca
129. Diva International Inc., Kitchener, ON Web: www.divacup.com
130. Diversified Nutrition Lifestyle, Ottawa, ON Web: www.nutrition.ca
131. Donmar Health & Beauty Prod., Aurora, ON Web: www.donmar.ca
132. Dr. Hauschka Canada, Montreal, QC Web: www.drhauschka.ca
133. Dr. Vie, Inc., Montreal, QC Web: www.mynonix.com
134. DSA Consultants, Burlington, ON Web: www.dsaconsultants.com
135. Du-Var Laboratories Inc., Boucherville, QC Web: www.du-var.com
136. Duinkerken Foods, Charlottetown, PE Web: www.duinkerkenfoods.com
137. Dupuis Angers & Associates, Outremont, QC Web: www.dupuisangers.com
138. Dyshar Farms Ltd., Woodstock, ON Web: www.soys.com
139. Earthrise Nutritionals, Intl Web: www.earthrise.com
140. EAS Canada, Burlington, ON Web: www.eascanada.com
141. ECG Naturals, Oshawa, ON Web: www.ecgnaturals.com
142. Ecoideas, Gormley, ON Web: www.ecoideas.ca
143. Ecomax Nutrition, Montreal, QC Web:
144. El Peto Products Ltd., Cambridge, ON Web: www.elpeto.com
145. Elite Pharmacaps Inc., Toronto, ON Web: www.elitepharmacaps.ca
146. Emerald Seed Products Ltd., Regina, SK Web:
147. Empire Health Distribution Inc., Terrebonne, QC Web: www.empirehealth.ca
148. Enerex Botanicals Ltd., Burnaby, BC Web: www.enerex.ca
149. Enzymatic Therapy Canada Inc., Vancouver, BC Web: www.enzymaticcanada.com
150. EPAX AS, Intl Web: www.epax.com
151. Erlendson Health Products, Vernon, BC Web: www.erlhealth.com
152. Essential Nature Aromatherapy, Naramata, BC Web: www.purepotentwow.com
153. Essiac® Canada International, Ottawa, ON Web:
154. ethica Clinical Research Inc., Dorval, QC Web: www.ethicaclinical.ca
155. Ferlow Botanicals, Vancouver, BC Web: www.ferlowbotanicals.com
156. Flash 5 Energy Foods, Port Coquitlam, BC Web: www.flash-5.com
157. Flora Manufacturing & Distrib., Burnaby, BC Web: www.florahealth.com
158. Food Research Centre, U of M, Moncton, NB Web: www.umoncton.ca/cra
159. FoodScience of Vermont, Intl Web: www.foodscienceofvermont.com
160. Fortius Canada Inc., Charlottetown, PE Web: www.fortius.ca
161. FPI Sales (North American) Inc., Delta, BC Web: www.fpi-america.com
162. Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd., Winnipeg, MB Web: www.manitobaharvest.com
163. Fresh Ideas & Solutions Inc., Maple Ridge, BC Web: www.freshideas.ca
164. From the Ground Up Food Products Inc., Mississauga, ON Web:
165. Fromagerie L’Ancétre Cheese Fact’ry, Becancour, QC Web: www.fromagerieancetre.com
166. Fuji Health Science, Inc., Intl Web: www.fujihealthscience.com
167. Future Nutrition, Kirkland, QC Web: www.mvpnutrition.com168. Fytokem Products Inc., Saskatoon, SK Web: www.fytokem.com
169. G.F-T. Enterprises/No-Jet-Lag, Montreal, QC Web: www.no-jet-lag.com
170. Gaia Garden Herbals, Vancouver, BC Web: www.gaiagarden.com
171. GAMMA Salt Cristals Ltd., Toronto, ON Web: www.himalayansalt.comwww.saltlamp.ca
172. Garden of Life, Oakville, ON Web: www.gardenoflife.com
173. GCI Nutrients (Canada) Inc., North Vancouver, BC Web: www.gcinutrients.com
174. Gelda Scientific & Indust. Dev. Corp., Mississauga, ON Web: www.gelda.com
175. Gemma Functional Foods Inc., Toronto, ON Web: www.gemmabiotech.com
176. General Ingredient Inc., Toronto, ON Web: www.generalingredient.com
177. Generations Packaging & Distrib., Onoway, AB Web: www.generationspackaging.ca
178. Geni Herbs, Intl Web: www.geniherbs.com
179. Genome Canada, Ottawa, ON Web: www.genomecanada.ca
180. Genuine Health, Toronto, ON Web: www.genuinehealth.com
181. GFR Health Ltd., Maple Ridge, BC Web: www.leanfit.com
182. GFR Pharma Ltd., Maple Ridge, BC Web: www.gfrpharma.com
183. Gina Cookies, Stittsville, ON Web
184. Globl Botanical Corporation, Barrie, ON Web: www.globalbotanical.com
185. Global Health Network, Kitchener, ON Web:
186. Glutino (Deroma), Laval, QC Web: www.glutino.com
187. Good For You Corp, Calgary, AB Web: www.goodforyou.ca
188. Goody2Chews Foods Inc., Kitchener, ON Web: www.goody2chews.com
189. Gourmet Nutrition FB Inc., Ste-Julie, QC Web: www.gourmetfb.com
190. Grain Process Enterprises Ltd., Scarborough, ON Web:
191. Grainworks, Inc., Vulcan, AB Web: www.grainworks.com
192. Grisspasta, Longueuil, QC Web: www.grisspasta.com
193. Grow Marketing, Dundas, ON Web:
194. Guelph Ctr. for Functional Foods, Guelph, ON Web: www.uoguelph.ca/labserv
195. Guelph Food Technology Centre, Guelph, ON Web: www.gftc.ca
196. Gurvey & Berry Co. Inc., Toronto, ON Web: www.gurveyberry.com
197. GWN Natural Health Products, Greenbank, ON Web:
198. H & A Health Products Inc., Toronto, ON Web: www.hacanada.com
199. HAIN CELESTIAL CANADA, Toronto, ON Web: www.hain-celestial.com
200. Hannon Labs Canada Inc., Brantford, ON Web: www.hannonlabs.com
201. Happy Planet Foods, Vancouver, BC Web: www.happyplanet.com
202. Harmonium International Inc., Mirabel, QC Web: www.harmonium-intl.com
203. Harmony Organic Dairy Products, Wellesley, ON Web: www.harmonyorganic.on.ca
204. Health Odyssey International, Vaudreuil, QC Web: www.healthodyssey.ca
205. Healthy Body Services Inc., Toronto, ON Web: www.hbscanada.com
206. Healthy Sprouts (baby) Foods Inc., Whitby, ON Web: www.healthysprouts.ca
207. Healthy Way Organic Breads, Langley, BC Web: www.healthywaybread.com
208. Heart Smart Foods Ltd., Sherwood Park, AB Web: heartsmartfoods.com209. Heartfeltliving™ Health Products Inc., Garibaldi Highlands, BC Web: www.heartfeltliving.com
210. Heartland Products, Inc., Intl Web: www.heartlandnatural.com
211. Heel Canada Inc., Montreal, QC Web: www.heel.ca
212. Hempola Inc., Barrie, ON Web: www.hempola.com
213. Herb Pharm, Intl Web: www.herb-pharm.com
214. Herbal Healing Inc., Nanton, AB Web: www.herbalhealing.com
215. Herbasanté Inc., St-Laurent, QC Web: www.herbasante.ca
216. Herbier du Midi, Trois-Rivières, QC Web:
217. Herbon Naturals, Inc., Richmond, BC Web: www.herbon.com
218. Herbs for Hurts Inc., Calgary, AB Web: www.booboobears.com
219. Herbs For Your Health Ltd., Hayter, AB Web: www.herbsforyourhealth.com
220. Holista Health (Canada) Inc., Burnaby, BC Web: www.holista.ca
221. Homeocan Inc., Montreal, QC Web: www.homeocan.ca
222. HoneyBar Products Int Inc, Nepean, ON Web: www.honeybar.ca
223. Honson Pharmatech Group Ltd., Markham, ON Web: www.honsons.com
224. Human Nutraceutical Res. Unit, Guelph, ON Web: www.uoguelph.ca/hnru
225. Hyland’s Homeopathic Canada Inc., Sutton, QC Web: www.hylands.ca
226. ICS Courier, Toronto, ON Web: www.ics-canada.net
227. Immunotec Inc., Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC Web: www.immunotecglobal.com
228. InfraReady Products (1998) Ltd., Saskatoon, SK Web: www.infrareadyproducts.com
229. Ingredient Company, The, Mississauga, ON Web: www.theingredientcompany.com
230. Inno-Vite Inc., Concord, ON Web: www.inno-vite.com
231. Innotech Nutrition, Winnipeg, MB Web: www.innotechnutrition.com
232. Institut Rosell-Lallemand, Montreal, QC Web: www.lallemand.com
233. Institute of Petrochimie, Montreal, QC Web: www.ceprocq.com
234. Interactive Nutrition International, Ottawa, ON Web: www.interactivenutrition.com
235. Investigative Science Inc., Burlington, ON Web: www.investigativescience.com
236. ION-RAY Co. Ltd. / Q-RAY, Richmond Hill, ON Web: www.qray.ca
237. IRB Yves Ponroy Canada Inc., Lachine, QC Web: www.ponroy.ca
238. ISP (Canada) Inc., Mississauga, ON Web: www.ispcorp.com
239. JAA Natural-Division of Jaapharm, Woodbridge, PE Web:
240. Jamieson Laboratories Ltd., Toronto, ON Web: www.jamiesonvitamins.com
241. Joy of the Mountains, Lumby, BC Web: www.joyofthemountains.com
242. JR Laboratories Inc., Burnaby, BC Web: www.jrlabs.ca
243. Kalaya Health Products, Waterloo, ON Web: www.kalaya.ca
244. Kami Health – Kami Santé, St-Leonard, QC Web: www.kamihealth.com
245. Kashi Company, Mississauga, ON Web: www.kashi.ca
246. Keata Pharma Inc., Perth, ON Web: www.keata.com
247. Kedem Herbs, Montreal, QC Web: www.kedemherbs.com
248. KELPMAN® Kelp Products, North Vancouver, BC Web: www.kelpman.com
249. Kerry Ingredients Canada, Woodstock, ON Web: www.kerryingredients.com
250. Kettle Valley Dried Fruits, Brampton, ON Web: www.kettlevalley.net
251. KGK Synergize Inc., London, ON Web: www.kgksynergize.com
252. Kingsmill Foods Company, Toronto, ON Web: www.kingsmillfoods.com
253. Knock China, Coquitlam, BC Web: www.knockchina.com
254. Knowledge Products, Toronto, ON Web: www.knowledgeproducts.org
255. Kolmar Canada Inc., Barrie, ON Web:
256. Kyowa Hakko USA, Inc., Intl Web: www.kyowa-usa.com
257. L.B. Maple Treat Inc., Vancouver, BC Web: www.lbmapletreat.com
258. La Maison Orphée Inc., Quebec, QC Web: www.maisonorphee.com
259. La Siembra Co-operative, Inc., Ottawa, ON Web: www.cocoacamino.com
260. Label Pak Printing Inc., Delta, BC Web: www.labelpakprinting.com
261. Laboratoires Colba Inc., St-Laurent, QC Web:
262. Laboratoires Mauves inc., Vaudreuil, QC Web: www.mauves.com
263. LaKOTA, Dawson Creek, BC Web: www.lakotaherbs.com
264. Le Naturiste J.M.B. Inc., Longueuil, QC Web: www.jmb-lenaturiste.com
265. Leo-Chem Enterprises Inc., Oakville, ON Web:
266. Les Laboratoires Suisse Inc., Brossard, QC Web: www.labsuisse.com
267. Les Laboratoires Vachon Inc., Lévis, QC Web: www.groupemvachon.com
268. LIBERTÉ Natural Foods, Brampton, ON Web: www.libertenaturalfoods.com
269. Life Choices Natural Foods, Toronto, ON Web: www.lifechoicesfoods.com
270. Life Root Healing, Gibson, BC Web: www.liferoot.com
271. Lifemax Natural Foods Dist. Inc., Pickering, ON Web: www.lifemax.ca
272. Lindock Agencies Limited, Waterdown, ON Web:
273. Living Naturally (United States), Intl Web: www.LivingNaturally.ca
274. Living Naturally, British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Web: www.livingnaturally.ca
275. Living Synergy Inc., Sidney, BC Web: www.livingsynergy.com
276. Lyndhurst Naturals, North Vancouver, BC Web: www.lyndhurstnaturals.com
277. Lyo-San Inc., Lachute, QC Web: www.lyo-san.ca
278. Magistral Biotech Inc., Blainville, QC Web: www.dnpworld.com
279. Magna-Pak Inc., Arva, ON Web: www.magnapak.com
280. Magnetico Inc., Calgary, AB Web: www.magneticosleep.com
281. Mapleton Organic Dairy Inc., Moorefield, ON Web: www.mapletonsorganic.ca
282. Marine Life Sciences, Intl Web: www.umac-core.com
283. Matter Company, Toronto, ON Web: www.mattercompany.com
284. Maxion Nutrition Corporation, Newmarket, ON Web: www.maxionnutrition.com
285. MAYAKA International Inc., LaSalle, QC Web: www.mayaka.com
286. McCarthy Consultant Services, Inc, Newmarket, ON Web: www.mccarthyconsultant.com
287. MCS Associates Incorporated, Scarborough, ON Web: www.mcsassociates.com
288. MET Holdings Inc., Prince Albert, SK Web: www.mangoxan.cawww.metholdings.com
289. Mom’s Healthy Secrets, Oakville, ON Web: www.momshealthysecrets.com
290. Mondiv Food Products, Boisbriand, QC Web: www.mondiv.com
291. Monnol inc., Richmond, QC Web: www.monnol.com
292. MONSIEURNONI inc., Ste-Clotilde de Horton, QC Web: www.monsieurnoni.com
293. Mother Hen Baby Foods, St-Leonard, QC Web:
294. Moulin Abenakis, Ste-Claire, QC Web: www.moulinabenakis.ca
295. Naka Sales Ltd., Etobicoke, ON Web: www.nakaherbs.com296. Nammex, Gibsons, BC Web: www.nammex.com
297. National Enzyme Company, Intl Web: www.nationalenzymecompany.com
298. Nationwide Natural Foods, Delta, BC Web: www.nationwidenaturalfoods.com
299. Natren Canada, Coquitlam, BC Web: www.natren.com
300. Natunola Health, Winchester, ON Web: www.natunola.com
301. Natura Trading, Vancouver, BC Web: www.naturatrading.ca
302. Natural Balance, Port Alberni, BC Web:
303. Natural Emphasis Ltd., Mississauga, ON Web: www.fuelbars.com
304. Natural Factors, Coquitlam, BC Web: www.naturalfactors.com
305. Natural Plantation Inc., Margo, SK Web:
306. NaturaLight Foods Inc., Kelowna, BC Web: www.naturalightfoods.com
307. Naturally Nova Scotia Health, Dartmouth, NS Web: www.naturallynovascotia.com
308. Nature’s Path Foods, Richmond, BC Web: www.naturespath.com
309. Nature’s Sunshine Products, Brampton, ON Web: www.naturessunshine.ca
310. Nature’s Way of Canada Ltd., Markham, ON Web: www.naturesway.com
311. Natures Formulae Health Products, Kelowna, BC Web: www.naturesformulae.com
312. Naturo Aid Pharmaceutical Inc., Maple Ridge, BC Web: www.naturoaid.com
313. Navitas Naturals, Vancouver, BC Web: www.navitasnaturals.com
314. Nealanders International Inc., Mississauga, ON Web: www.nealanders.com
315. Neptune Tech. & Bioresources Inc., Laval, QC Web: www.neptunebiotech.com
316. New Age Marketing, White Rock, BC Web: www.newagemarketing.ca
317. New Era Nutrition Inc., Edmonton, AB Web: www.nutritech.com
318. New Roots Herbal Inc., Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC Web: www.newrootsherbal.com
319. Newco Enterprises Inc., Calgary, AB Web: www.organicteatreeoil.com
320. Nikmak, Lasalle, QC Web:
321. Noble Bean Tempeh Shop, McDonalds Corners, ON Web: www.noblebean.ca
322. Nordic Naturals, Intl Web: www.nordicnaturals.com
323. Norm’l Corp-Candlear, Spruce Grove, AB Web:
324. Northern Nutraceuticals Inc., Spalding, SK Web: www.northernnutra.com
325. Northern Seas Products, Richmond, BC Web: www.northern-seas.com
326. Novogen (Canada) Limited, Oakville, ON Web: www.midlifehealth.ca
327. NRC Plant Biotechnology Institute, Saskatoon, SK Web: http://pbi-ibp.nrccnrc.gc.ca/en/pbi.htm
328. Nu-Life Nutrition Ltd., Richmond Hill, ON Web: www.nulifevitamins.com
329. Nucro-Technics, Scarborough, ON Web: www.nucro.com
330. Nutralab Canada Ltd., Markham, ON Web: www.nutralab.ca
331. Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc., Guelph, ON Web: www.nutrasource.ca
332. NutraSun Foods Ltd., Regina, SK Web: www.nutrasunfoods.com
333. Nutravite Pharmaceuticals Inc., Kelowna, BC Web: www.nutravite.com
334. Nutri-Nation Functional Foods, Port Coquitlam, BC Web: www.nutri-nation.com
335. NutriCorp International, Windsor, ON Web: www.nutricorp.com
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