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Advanced Esthetics Diploma

Students will gain skills and experience in a variety of services provided by estheticians, including skin care, manicures and pedicures, waxing, make-up artistry and body treatments.

Program Length

42 weeks (1020 hours) instructor-led full-time training

Clinic Practice

On college Medical and Esthetics clinic

Financial Aid

Free financial consultation available. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify.

Program Objective

The Advanced Esthetics Diploma provides students with integrated theoretical and practical learning experiences and a strong foundation in personal care and specialized beauty and body treatments. Such as skin anatomy, infection prevention and control, cosmetic Ingredients and product selection, skincare/facial and electrotherapy, waxing -hair removal, cosmetic massage & body treatments, manicures and pedicures, artistry make up.
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This program has been designed in compliance with the MTCU Esthetician Subject Specific Standard. After finishing this course students will have the ability to assess each client’s needs and determine appropriate personal care in relation to that client’s condition, use of specialized equipment and products, technical instruction pertaining to personal skincare treatments and services in the safest manner, students also learn business and customer service skills, sales techniques and knowledge of infection prevention and control.

Knowledge and skills

  • Perform the importance of a client consultation and health screening prior to performing facial treatments
  • Identify general skin types and specific skin conditions to determine the most appropriate treatment recommendations,
  • Demonstrate recommended treatments for aging, sensitive, pigmentation, acne, and ethnic skin
  • Give facial and other body treatments using specialized products and techniques.
  • Perform a variety of body therapies and cosmetic massage following proper client indications
  • Ability to use waxing as a form of hair removal for the face and body.
  • Provide a variety of manicure and pedicure treatments while addressing all the clients concerns
  • Understand the light and colour theory to become a successful Makeup Artist
  • Identify the various facial, eye, brow, and lip shapes
  • provide makeup treatments for various skin types and tones. Demonstrate daytime, evening, bridal, and looks
  • Know how to recommend professional treatment and home care advice for clients
  • Building relationships, maintaining growth and developing a successful attitude in the workplace

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, and the must also have a demonstrated competency in English.

Career Opportunities

Following successful completion of the program, graduates of the Esthetician program can expect to find employment in a day or resort spas, salons, beauty institutes, health clubs, cruise ships, Fitness club beauty centres, wellness centre, home business, sales and marketing for the cosmetic firm. They may also be employed as sales representatives for manufacturers, distributors and retailers of esthetic products, or may find opportunities for self-employment, contract, and consulting work.

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Job Title:

  • Esthetician
  • Cosmetician
  • Beauty advisor
  • Beauty treatment operator
  • Electrolysis technician
  • Electrologist
  • Nail Technician
  • Pedicurist
  • Manicurist
  • Makeup artist
  • Sales Consultant
  • Salon and Spa coordinator

Occupation NOC Code and Industry Outlook

Estheticians, electrologists and related occupations (NOC 6562), this is an occupation under Skills Matrix B in the NOC code

Employment in this occupational group has shown growth over the past decade. The employment outlook will be good for Estheticians, electrologists and related occupations (NOC 6562) in Ontario over the next 3 years.


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